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Ladies who League was born in the middle of the 2013 National Rugby League season and is continuing to grow into a thriving Rugby League community.

Here at Ladies who League we are passionate about Rugby League. While we first and foremost love our respective teams, we also identify as NRL appreciators. There is no sport we feel more passionate about and it is for this reason that Ladies who League was born.

Rugby League is still a very male dominated arena. This is in terms of management, coaching and administration. This is all in the context of a sport where over 50 per cent of fans are women. Women have strong voices and a lot to contribute to the greatest game of all. However, we feel like our voices aren't always heard.

We are here to change that because we are passionate about the role of women in Rugby League.

We invite you to become a part of our community and for all the women who love Ruby League out there, we encourage you to submit a blog. Please get in touch with us and see how you can join us and help make a difference to the game we love.

2015 will see Ladies who League branch out into other sports. While our main focus will still be Rugby League we are looking to actively encourage female participation and involvement in all sports. We are looking forward to having you join in our discussions on the Australian Football League and the Super 14.

We are here to start a revolution in sport. We are here to represent you. We are here to be your voice. We are here to make a difference. Join in.


Ladies who League